CET Terms & Conditions
lh-bZ-Vh- fu;e ,oa 'krsaZ

Candidates desirous of applying for the CET exams MUST agree to the below Terms & Conditions before applying.

lh-bZ-Vh- ijh{kk ds fy, vkosnu djus ds bPNqd mEehnokjksa dks vkosnu djus ls igys uhps fn, x, fu;eksa vkSj 'krksaZ ls lger gksuk pkfg,A
  1. Candidates can apply for CET Exam 2022 “Online” only on the website Click Here where link to the CET form will be provided. The Application Form other than online mode will not be accepted.
    mEehnokj dsoy ^^v‚uykbu^^ eksM ds ek/;e ls gh lh-bZ-Vh-&2022 ijh{kk ds fy, vkosnu dj ldrs gSaA osclkbV Click Hereij tk,a tgka lh-bZ-Vh- iathdj.k Q‚eZ dk fyad çnku fd;k gSaA ^^v‚uykbu^^ eksM ds vykok vU; vkosnu i= Lohdkj ugha fd;k tk,xkA
  2. Only one application is to be submitted by a candidate.
    ,d mEehnokj dsoy ,d vkosnu i= gh tek dj ldrk gSaA
  3. If a candidate submits more than one Application Form for admission to the same level, all the CET Application Forms shall summarily be rejected without notice.
    ;fn dksbZ mEehnokj ,d ls vf/kd vkosnu i= tek djrk gS rks lHkh vkosnu i= fcuk fdlh lwpuk ds [kkfjt dj fn, tk,axsA
  4. Candidates must follow the instructions strictly as given in the Information Bulletin and on CET Exam form online. Candidates not complying with the instructions shall be summarily disqualified.
    mEehnokjksa dks lwpuk cqysfVu vkSj lh-bZ-Vh- osclkbV ij fn, x, funsZ'kksa dk l[rh ls ikyu djuk pkfg,A funsZ'kksa dk ikyu ugha djus okys mEehnokjksa dks ljljh rkSj ij v;ksX; ?kksf"kr dj fn;k tk,xkA
  5. Candidates must ensure that e-mail address and mobile number provided in the online application form are their own or that of their parents, for all information/ communication regarding CET exam will be sent by RMS through e-mail on the given e-mail address or SMS on given mobile number only.
    mEehnokjksa dks ;g lqfuf'pr djuk pkfg, fd v‚uykbu vkosnu i= esa mudk viuk ;k ekrk&firk dk bZ&esy vkbZMh vkSj eksckby uacj fn;k x;k gSA lh-bZ-Vh- ijh{kk ls laca/k esa lHkh lwpuk vkSj lapkj fn, x, bZ&esy vkbZMh vkSj eksckby uacj ij gh Hksts tk,axsA
  6. Instructions for filling Online Application Form:
    v‚uykbu vkosnu i= Hkjus ds funsZ'k
    1. Step-1: Apply for Online Registration using unique Email ID and Mobile No.
      pj.k&1% v‚uykbu iathdj.k ds fy, vf}rh; bZ&esy vkbZMh vkSj eksckby uacj dk mi;ksx djsaA
    2. Step-2: Fill in the CET Exam Application Form and note down the system generated Application No. Email and SMS will also be sent with system generated login details to access My Account anytime and check the CET form status.
      pj.k&2% lh-bZ-Vh- ijh{kk vkosnu i= Hkjsa vkSj flLVe ls mRiUu vkosnu la[;k dks uksV djsaA bZ&esy vkSj ,l,e,l Hkh flLVe tujsVsM y‚fxu fooj.k ds lkFk Hksts tk,axs rkfd ^^ekbZ vdkmaV^^ dHkh Hkh ,Dlsl fd;k tk lds vkSj lh-bZ-Vh- Q‚eZ dh fLFkfr dh tkap dh tk ldsA
    3. Step-3: Upload the scanned copy of the documents required. Details will be mentioned on the actual form as well.
      pj.k&3% vko';d nLrkostksa dh LdSu dh gqbZ d‚ih viyksM djsaA fooj.k dk mYys[k osclkbV ij Hkh fd;k tk,xkA
    4. Step-4: Pay fee using Payment Gateway through Debit Card/Credit Card/Net Banking/UPI and keep proof of fee paid. In case the Confirmation Page is not shown after payment of the fee, then the transaction is cancelled and amount will be refunded to the candidate’s account by the bank automatically. However, the candidate has to make another transaction, in case the Confirmation Page is not shown or the Payment status of the application is showing as pending.
      pj.k&4% MsfcV dkM] ØsfMV dkMZ] usV cSafdax] ;wihvkbZ ds ek/;e ls Hkqxrku xsVos dk mi;ksx djds 'kqYd dk Hkqxrku djsa vkSj Hkqxrku fd, x, 'kqYd dk çek.k j[ksaA ;fn 'kqYd ds Hkqxrku ds ckn iqf"Vdj.k i`"B ugha fn[kk;k tkrk gS] rks ysunsu jí dj fn;k tkrk gS vkSj cSad }kjk mEehnokj ds [kkrs esa jkf'k Lopkfyr :i ls okil dj nh tk,xhA gkyk¡fd] ;fn iqf"Vdj.k i`"B ugha fn[kk;k tkrk gS ;k vkosnu dh Hkqxrku fLFkfr yafcr ds :i esa fn[kkbZ ns jgh gS] rks mEehnokj dks ,d vkSj ysunsu djuk gksxkA
    5. Step-5: After few days of successful payment, a system generated Registration No. will be sent to the candidates on their registered email address and the mobile number. Note down the Registration No. as this will be required when downloading the Acknowledgement receipt or when deleting your CET form in case you submitted the wrong information and want to apply again.
      pj.k&5% lQy Hkqxrku ds dqN fnuksa ds ckn] mEehnokjksa dks muds iath—r bZ&esy vkbZMh vkSj eksckby uacj ij ,d flLVe tujsVsM iathdj.k la[;k Hksth tk,xhA iathdj.k la[;k dks uksV dj ysa D;ksafd ikorh jlhn MkmuyksM djrs le; ;k xyr tkudkjh tek djus vkSj fQj ls vkosnu djus ds fy, viuk lhbZVh Q‚eZ gVkrs le; bldh vko';drk gksxhA
  7. Candidates can make the fee payment immediately after successful submission of the CET exam form or they can make the payment afterwards from their My Account anytime before the last date for applying.
    mEehnokj lh-bZ-Vh- ijh{kk Q‚eZ dks lQyrkiwoZd tek djus ds rqjar ckn 'kqYd dk Hkqxrku dj ldrs gSa ;k os vkosnu djus dh vafre frfFk ls igys dHkh Hkh vius ^^ekbZ vdkmaV^^ ls Hkqxrku dj ldrs gSaA
  8. The final submission of CET Exam Application Form will remain incomplete if Step-3 and Step-4 are not complete. Such forms will stand rejected and no correspondence on this account will be entertained whatsoever.
    pj.k&3 vkSj pj.k&4 iw.kZ ugha gksus ij lh-bZ-Vh- ijh{kk vkosnu i= dh vafre çLrqfr v/kwjh jgsxhA ,sls çi=ksa dks vLohdkj dj fn;k tk,xk vkSj bl laca/k esa fdlh Hkh çdkj ds i=kpkj ij fopkj ugha fd;k tk,xkA
  9. RMS will NOT entertain any request for refund of fee under any circumstances.
    vkj-,e-,l- fdlh Hkh ifjfLFkfr esa 'kqYd dh okilh ds fdlh Hkh vuqjks/k ij fopkj ugha djsxkA
  10. Candidates are advised to keep visiting the RMS website Click Here regularly for all examination related updates and to check their emails/SMS. Candidates are also advised to visit the respective RMS school websites for information about the school.
    mEehnokjksa dks lykg nh tkrh gS fd os ijh{kk ls lacaf/kr lHkh viMsV ds fy, fu;fer :i ls vkj-,e-,l osclkbV Click Here ns[krs jgsa vkSj vius bZ&esy vkSj ,l,e,l dh tkap djrs jgsaA mEehnokjksa dks Ldwy ds ckjs esa tkudkjh ds fy, lacaf/kr vkj-,e-,l Ldwy dh osclkbVksa ij tkus dh Hkh lykg nh tkrh gSA
  11. Online information provided by candidates like name of candidate, Father/Mother name, contact/ address details, category, date of birth, etc during online registration for CET Exam will be treated as correct/final and RMS will not entertain, under any circumstances, request for change in information provided by the candidates.
    lh-bZ-Vh ijh{kk ds fy, v‚uykbu iathdj.k ds nkSjku mEehnokjksa }kjk çnku dh xbZ v‚uykbu tkudkjh tSls mEehnokj dk uke] firk vkSj ekrk dk uke] laidZ irk fooj.k] Js.kh] tUe frfFk vkfn dks lgh vkSj vafre ekuk tk,xk vkSj vkj-,e-,l fdlh Hkh ifjfLFkfr esa mEehnokj }kjk çnku dh xbZ tkudkjh esa ifjorZu ds vuqjks/k ij fopkj ugha djsxkA
  12. RMS disclaims any liability that may arise to candidate(s) due to incorrect information provided by the candidate(s) during online registration process.
    vkj-,e-,l v‚uykbu iathdj.k çfØ;k ds nkSjku mEehnokj }kjk çnku dh xbZ xyr tkudkjh ds dkj.k mRiUu gksus okys fdlh Hkh nkf;Ro dks vLohdkj djrk gSA
  13. RMS does not edit /modify/alter any information entered by the candidates after completion of registration process under any circumstances. Any request for change in information thereafter will not be entertained. Therefore, aspirants are advised to exercise utmost caution while filling up correct details in registration system.
    vkj-,e-,l fdlh Hkh ifjfLFkfr esa iathdj.k çfØ;k iwjh gksus ds ckn mEehnokjksa }kjk ntZ dh xbZ fdlh Hkh tkudkjh dks laikfnr] la'kksf/kr ;k ifjofrZr ugha djrk gSA blds ckn lwpuk esa ifjorZu ds fdlh Hkh vuqjks/k ij fopkj ugha fd;k tk,xkA blfy,] mEehnokjksa dks lykg nh tkrh gS fd iathdj.k ç.kkyh esa lgh fooj.k Hkjrs le; vR;f/kd lko/kkuh cjrsaA
  14. In case incorrect information in the CET form is submitted, a candidate can delete their application form to apply again. To delete the application form, information such as Application No, Email address, Mobile Number, and Registration No. will be required. Only after deleting the existing application form, a candidate can submit a new application form. CET fee is non-refundable.
    lh-bZ-Vh Q‚eZ esa xyr tkudkjh ds ekeys esa] ,d mEehnokj vius vkosnu i= dks gVk ldrk gS vkSj fQj ls vkosnu dj ldrk gSA vkosnu i= dks gVkus ds fy, vkosnu la[;k] bZ&esy vkbZMh] eksckby uacj vkSj iathdj.k la[;k tSlh tkudkjh dh vko';drk gksxhA ekStwnk vkosnu i= dks gVkus ds ckn gh ,d mEehnokj ,d u;k vkosnu i= tek dj ldrk gSA 'kqYd xSj&okilh ;ksX; gSA
  15. While the RMS takes every care by providing guidelines and instructions and form validations, the candidates themselves will be solely responsible for ensuring their eligibility by carefully examining the eligibility criteria before applying or within the cut-off date.
    tcfd vkj-,e-,l fn'kk&funsZ'k vkSj funsZ'k çnku djds vkSj lR;kiu ds fy, gj rjg dk /;ku j[krk gS] mEehnokj Lo;a vkosnu djus ls igys ;k dV&v‚Q frfFk ds Hkhrj ik=rk ekunaM dh lko/kkuhiwoZd tkap djds viuh ik=rk lqfuf'pr djus ds fy, iwjh rjg ls ftEesnkj gksaxsA
  16. It may be noted that beyond the last date for applying for the CET exam, no examination form or payments shall be accepted. Payment(s) received, if any, shall be immediately refunded to the candidates.
    ;g /;ku fn;k tk, fd lh-bZ-Vh&2021 ijh{kk ds fy, vkosnu djus dh vafre frfFk ds ckn] dksbZ ijh{kk Q‚eZ ;k Hkqxrku Lohdkj ugha fd;k tk,xkA çkIr Hkqxrku] ;fn dksbZ gks] mEehnokjksa dks rqjar okil dj fn;k tk,xkA
  17. Candidates are advised to keep checking their dashboard/email/SMS and contact RMS in case of any query or discrepancy.
    mEehnokjksa dks lykg nh tkrh gS fd os vius MS'kcksMZ] bZ&esy vkSj ,l,e,l dh tkap djrs jgsa vkSj fdlh Hkh ç'u ;k folaxfr ds ekeys esa vkj-,e-,l ls laidZ djsaA